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Website development is our core service at Hello Bangladesh . We are efficient of creating prolific & magnificent website from scratch to a full furnished product. We are one of the best website development company in Bangladesh. Our customers are not only native but beyond the border. So if you are thinking of a world class website design website development, Hello Bangladesh is the Best Web Design Company in Bangladesh.

Every impression counts when it comes to capturing customers. Now more than ever, your online images are compulsory to the success of your business. A fancy design is not enough for your site. now a days users are demanding websites that are user friendly, attractive, informative and accessible as well as responsive to all devices.


Renewal Fee: 7500 Taka / YearlyRenewal Fee: 10500 Taka / YearlyRenewal Fee: 10500 Taka / Yearly
Price: 20000 TakaPrice: 25000 TakaPrice: 35000 Taka
.com/.net/.org domain.com/.net/.org domain.com/.net/.org domain
500 MB Hosting1000 MB Hosting1000 MB Hosting
10 Email20 Email50 Email
Number of Dynamic Page: 5Number of Dynamic Page: 10Number of Dynamic Page: 20
Design Concept: 1Design Concept: 2Design Concept: 3
Development Time: 7 DaysDevelopment Time: 10 DaysDevelopment Time: 15 Days
Individual Web Module Price:
  • Visitor Counter: 1000 taka
  • Language Module(Without Bangla): 2000 taka
  • Per new page 1000 taka
  • Editing Image: 50 taka per image
  • Weather: 3000 taka
  • Google Map: 2000 taka
Support Charge (Within 48 hour support):
  • Design Change Support: 10,000 taka /per design
  • Content Change Support: 1500 taka  /per month (Max 2 times)
  • Content Change Support: 3000 taka  /per month (Max 5 times)
  • Content Change Support: 6000 taka  /per month (Max 12 times)
  • Content Change Support: 25000 taka  /per month (Unlimited times 10 am – 6 pm)
  • 1st Training(1 hour): Free
  • 2nd Training: 1000 taka  per hour (Inside Hello Bangladesh)
  • Additional Training: 3000 taka  per hour (Outside Hello Bangladesh)-After 1st training, if needed.
Payment Procedure:
  • 50 Percent advance payment for website development
  • 50 Percent due payment within 2 days after complete the full project.
  • Client must provide all content with work order.